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Hi! I’m Dave Gorvel

Silver Accredited Guide in Guernsey
About me & my guided tours
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About Me

I'm a Silver Accredited Guide in Guernsey. I come from a long line of Guernsey farming family and I spent 40 years of my life in the traditional growing industry, growing tomatoes, vegetables, flowers etc.

In addition to farming, I've been a part time fisherman, owned and ran a small Hotel in St. Martin with my wife. I now have 30 allotments I rent out, a taxi service, tours and run a small hobby farm.

My parents married during the occupation and some of my father’s family being Jersey born, were in our sister Island. My mother’s family of 11 apart from her identical twin were evacuated to Devizes, UK on the last boat out of St Peter Port. There are so many stories, incidents from my parents, their 23 brothers and sisters during this part of our history.

My tours can be tailored to your interests and, in general, I offer:

  • Taxi and coach tours from 1 to 25 persons
  • Knowledge of the Islands history
  • Places of interest
  • Finest scenery to see
  • Best places to eat or go for lunch
  • Advice on where to stay in Guernsey
  • Advice on what to do
  • Knowledge of farming, growing and food

Guided Tours

Vegetable walk: How we used to be sustainable

On this intriguing walk we visit my hobby farm, Sarah Brouard's poultry farm, Bean 14 coffee, Paul Domaille flowers, vegetable grower Terry Robert, Langlois pepper grower, Jason Hamon Pig farmer and the small agricultural museum.

Forest Parish History

A walk around the Forest Parish explaining the history of the Commune de La Forest, Corbiere Castle, Shooting range and the occupation involving my family.

Famous people in history walk

An interesting history walk about some of the famous people who lived in the Forest. We will cover people such as Denys Corbett (artiste and friend of Victor Hugo), Thomas de la Rue (printing) and Captain William Le Lacheur (coffee)


hundreds of people have enjoyed my tours - most have come back to hear more

Here's what a few have said.
Wonderful, magical tour. Very informative guide.
Betty Taylor
A very happy trip. Photogenic also!
Rosamund French
Very relaxed, informative and varied tour. Good thing for the icecream stop.
Jenny Newham
Absolutely brilliant! Thanks.
Val Rowland
Excellent tour. Want to see more so keep it going.
Viv & Phil Henman

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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